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The world is rapidly changing…

“ Asia will account for one-third of global growth, twice the combined contributions of all other developing regions ”


The World Bank

East Asia Pacific Economic Update, October 2015


“ Asia will account for one-third of global growth, twice the combined contributions of all other developing regions ”


The World Bank

East Asia Pacific Economic Update, October 2015


Exciting opportunities are presenting themselves

Companies are rapidly searching for locations from which to mine, manufacture, and operate.
People are seeking new places to live, grow, work and shop.
This demand for new construction is changing the world in which we live.
The construction industry faces challenges for bigger and more innovative buildings to be completed at higher standards of safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability.
Hawee will face those challenges with you.

Hawee is truly your partner.


We will work closely with your company to design, produce, and install the right M&E system to ensure your project’s success. We will meet important deadlines, respond to special requirements, and advise you during each stage of your project’s M&E development.

Companies across Asia trust Hawee as their M&E system provider for many reasons…


Hawee has solid work experience

Avoid the hassles, delays, and complications that you often encounter with other contractors. Work with Hawee as your complete M&E system provider.

We have the experience to support you. We have refined our approach to M&E by working on some of the largest construction projects in Asia, and use that industry experience to design, produce, and install the system that best matches your project.


Hawee is a pleasure to work with

Our team of more than 300 engineers and 1,000 technical experts will work diligently to supply an M&E system that works for your project.

Our workforce is consistently trained on new industry technologies, industry software, English communication skills, and customer service skills to ensure a pleasant and professional experience for partners like you.


Hawee provides all necessary M&E systems

Save time and avoid budget overages by working with fewer contractors. Hawee is your one-stop M&E solution provider.

Because we provide all M&E systems, we can design, produce, and install them as one comprehensive unit. This allows us to deliver your M&E systems faster and at lower costs than other contractors.


Hawee is the only M&E contractor to operate its own equipment manufacturing factory in Vietnam


As your M&E partner, we focus on your company and your projects’ needs.

All equipment is manufactured in our 10,000 square-meter factory according to strict international quality standards. This allows us to guarantee the quality of your system, and deliver and install it according to the construction schedule.

At Hawee, your needs are our core focus. Hawee is truly your partner for M&E systems.


Project Highlight

VPBank Tower

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VPBank Tower

It was imperative to the project’s success, that the M&E contractor have the necessary experience and capacity to provide a system that could fully function as a single unit.

As the most politically influential city in Vietnam, Hanoi is the host to many large companies’ headquarters. This includes VPBank, one of Vietnam’s top 5 largest banks.

Built in 2015, the VPBank Tower, which houses the bank’s headquarters and operations, has required a technologically-advanced ELV system to support, secure, and connect its branches across Vietnam.

While many contractors submitted designs, it was Hawee’s state-of-the-art design as displayed using 3D-BIM technology that won them the project. The 3D-BIM technology allowed VPBank to virtually experience the M&E system design, and fully understand how the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, building management, and massive ELV systems would be implemented into the project.

Hawee is scheduled to finish the project in April, 2016.

The work will meet all technical requirements, and VPBank is thus far very happy with the project’s development.

Hawee’s M&E system works well in the project.