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A living building with M&E

Mandarin Garden

The video presents our account of our work on the Mandarin Garden project.

We are proud to have contributed to bring the Mandarin Garden to life.

Demand for new construction is at an all-time high...

This growth is necessary, resulting in innovation, jobs, improved livelihoods, and economic activity. Asia is growing, and is supported by strong construction partners.

Partners like Hawee...

“ The region currently accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s construction projects, and poised to grow by more than 4% annually. ”

“ At this rate, we will see impressive construction projects being developed on a weekly basis. ”


BMI Research

Global Construction Outlook 2015- 2024: Cementing Asia’s Dominance


Hawee continues to be the trusted M&E supplying partner for projects across asia for many reasons:

  • An extensive portfolio of M&E projects
  • Cutting-edge technologies like 3D-BIM environment
  • Full design, production, and installation capabilities
  • A 10,000 square-meter M&E systems production factory
  • A workforce of over 800 engineers and 1,000 technical experts

Hawee provides full M&E system solutions


Hawee is the only M&E contractor to operate an equipment manufacturing factory in Vietnam

Your project is important and deserves the highest quality M&E system. All M&E systems are designed and produced in our 10,000 square-meter factory in a controlled environment, using cutting-edge machinery, and supported by teams of engineers and technical staff.

At the design stage

Our engineering team uses 3D-BIM virtual reality technology. This allows a developer to enter into a 3D model of the M&E system design, and view how the systems will work for their project.

At the production stages

All equipment undergoes regular quality and functional tests at each stage of production and installation.

After installation

Teams of technical experts are available to support your equipment during and after installation.

From start to finish, your system is guaranteed to be the highest quality possible.


M&E systems are most efficient, cost effective, and robust when designed as a single unit.

We provide all needed M&E systems, designed to work together and fit your specific project’s M&E needs.

Learn about Hawee’s key systems:


Hawee can meet any special project requirement

Construction projects are more innovative than ever, pushing the limits of engineering ingenuity, and requiring increasingly higher standards of safety, system support, and other special requirements. Hawee can support those special requirements.

Because we control the design, production, installation, and after-installation services according to strict international standards, we are able to stay responsive to all unique project requirements, such as LEED certification, unusual time restraints, or budget constrictions.

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Hawee supports its systems so that M&E failures do not become emergencies

M&E system outages can be disastrous, happening without warning and costing companies money, time, and other resources...
Hawee is ready to respond.

With teams of technicians across Vietnam, we are prepared to react to a service call immediately. Our expert teams will respond in under 6 hours for calls in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and under 12 hours in other areas of Vietnam.

We support every M&E system that we provide…
During and after installation.

Hawee Project Service Ratings From 2004 until Now

Each completed project allows us to gain the necessary experience to work within challenging project constraints and with new technologies. Each success develops Hawee as the most capable M&E system supplier in Vietnam, fully prepared to design, install and support all systems for your project.
View our major development milestones below:

Mandarin Garden

Project Service Rating

Deliverables Electrical system, Plumbing system, Water treatment system, Fire protection system


We are very proud of our performance on this project, from systems delivered and their peroformance as well as being able to manage the timing of installation very well.

For more information Project Case Study

Hawee has worked with companies across Asia in all industries and can use that experience to serve your project well

M&E must be done right, the first time..
There is too much risk to work with contractors who don’t have proper experience.

Hawee is your experienced partner.

We have worked on some of the largest, most expensive, and most unique projects in Asia. We will use this broad and varied experience to provide you with a system that works for your project.

Work with Hawee to ensure success.
Hawee is truly your partner for M&E systems.