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Diversity of experience, strongest M&E technical teams, English speaking staff, hawee working benefits


Hawee People

To work with a company, is to cooperate with its employees.

Hawee understands that through a competent, responsive workforce, projects will rapidly progress forward. We have developed a strong team of over 300 engineers and more than 1,000 technical experts who are committed to ensuring a pleasant and professional experience for partners, like you.

of experience

No matter the complication or constraints of your project, Hawee’s team is able to develop a solution that works for you. Our unique approach to developing M&E systems is derived from a variety of experiences and backgrounds of our experts. Our diverse knowledge gives us the ability to approach any difficult project and face challenging limitations on standards, size and scale, budget, and construction-schedule constraints.




In our industry, M&E system outages can quickly become emergencies. As your M&E partner, we support our systems. With teams of technicians stationed throughout Vietnam, we are ready to react to any service call immediately. Our teams will respond to service calls in less than 6 hours in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and 12 hours elsewhere throughout Vietnam.


Hawee hires the best
and trains them regularly

You deserve the best, so you will get the best.

We have built one of the strongest M&E technical teams in Vietnam by hiring staff with years of experience, a deep knowledge of the industry, and a strong focus on customer service. We support the development of our team through regular trainings in technical skills, communication skills, and project management skills to ensure that you are fully supported.


Many of our employees have stayed with the company since the beginning. This is the workforce that has made our impressive collection of projects successful, and the experience gained from these projects will be used to develop efficient M&E systems to fit your project.

Hawee’s team is built to focus on your needs. Work with our team to avoid construction schedule delays, poor quality products, budget overages, and other headaches.

Get the customer care that your company deserves… Work with Hawee.


Hawee M & E

  • Administration total 200
  • Sales 14
  • Accounting 8
  • Personnel 9
  • Marketing 5
  • Logistics 8
  • Bidding 6
  • Purchasing 9
  • Technical 8
  • Maintenance service 32
  • Construction management 78
  • Engineers total 700
  • Plumbing Engineer 56
  • HVAC Engineer 48
  • Civil Engineer 50
  • Electrical Engineer 74
  • Mechanical Engineer 46
  • Automation Engineer 52
  • Installation staff total 1000
  • Electrical worker 100
  • HVAC worker 150
  • Civil worker 150
  • Mechanical worker 100
  • Automation worker 150
  • Maintenance worker 150
  • Communication worker 100
  • Plumbing worker 100