130 Hawee candidates took the 1st English Examination


With Hawee’s vision of reaching out to the Ocean, its Leadership is deeply aware of the importance of foreign languages in globalization as a whole and Hawee’s orientation in particular. To achieve that goal, Hawee planned to hold English examinations and develop advanced training for Group-scale officers and employees.

The first examination took place in 3 days, for employees of departments frequently in contact with domestic and foreign clients such as Resource Officers, Staffs of Sales Department, Procurement Technique Department, PR Marketing Department, Contract & Partner Management and so one. The tests were based on Oxford standard test formats focusing on listening, speaking and reading skills under supervision and assessment of lecturers with extensive experience in teaching English and internationally recognized certificates and degrees.

The examination was enthusiastically taken by the officers and employees. All candidates did it seriously; even there was participation of those who was not on the list but volunteered to take the exam. It is no longer true that engineering workers are not good at English since the prerequisite to access advanced science and technologies in other countries worldwide is to understand their languages, thus opening up in-dept learning and research opportunities. Not only aiming to expand the Company’s international trade, but this examination also served as a door for every employee to improve his or her own qualification, thereby both devoting to the Company and gaining knowledge, a companion throughout his or her career path despite leaving Hawee.


Speaking Test at 2 Exam Councils

The test results are being synthesized by Hawee Training Center. On such basis, training courses shall be provided for each level. Class rules, conditions, as well as bonus and disciplinary regulations are agreed and signed by learners before the start of the courses. The program is a good opportunity for the Company’s employees to assess their own foreign language skills, improve their English and capture chances for their career promotion.