Art of Communication for Success


Soft skills are very important for our lives, which is also an extremely reasonable explanation for a series of soft skills training courses offered in major cities recently. However, for employees, sometimes because of time limits, they cannot attend these training courses. So, what has Hawee done for its employees to improve not only their qualifications but also their soft skills in life?

Acknowledging importance of communication skills, Hawee Training Center planed to hold “Effective Communication Skills with Contractors” courses for all Hawee employees. The June course held in Hanoi on the past two days of June 24-25 was attended by Design Engineers, Safety Officers and Supervision Engineers. At the lecture,  advices and guidance from Master Luu Tien Dung, who has 12 years of experience in inspiring learners with life skills, received enthusiastic responses of participants.


Hawee employees were excited before lesson


At the beginning, the lecturer wanted participants to share their ideas in the spirit of “Comfort, Reality, Practice and Philosophy”. In order to create an exciting atmosphere as well as opportunities for employees from different departments to get acquainted with each other, the lecturers divided 50 participants into 5 teams which joined contests. The team that earns the highest score will receive a reward worth less than TWO BILLION DONGS. Excited with the “attractive” rewards, all teams took it as a goal to try. Through interesting games such as naming, group slogan finding, etc., team members had  opportunity to exchange their own ideas and opinions, thereby finding a common voice.


Team 2 “Cannons – Every shoot hits the target”


Team “Number 1” is presenting on its name and slogan

At the course, participants raised difficult situations in communication in workplace as well as when meeting with partners and contractors, thus offering solutions and lessons for similar cases. The golden rules of communication in workplace were delivered and guided by the lecturer to participants besides sharing how to build a smart conversation as well as how to face and solve problems in communication. This was a great opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and learn from peers and industry experts to improve their personal skills.


Hawee employees are addressing situations having ever encountered in communication

At the end of the course, what participants gained was not just knowledge, but also experience and hours of interaction with their colleagues on which not many companies spend a lot of time and enthusiasm like Hawee do.


Hopefully, through the interesting and useful lessons of the “Effective Communication Skills with Contractors” course, the Company’s employees are more confident in communication, have more necessary skills in conduct at the workplace, thereby establishing a civilized working environment. Good relationships and effective communication and persuasion also contribute to getting greater performance, easily reaching desired career advancement or at least making the working time meaningful.


The Lecturer and 50 participants in the “Effective Communication Skills with the Contractors” course