Botanica Premier & Galexia Riverside - Hawee continues to be selected by “familiar” Investors


Successively awarded contracts by the same Owner is the most persuasive evidence for the quality of Hawee’s services provided to its partners. The winning of M&E contract for Botanica Premier Project followed the success of a series of projects in cooperation with the reputable investor Novaland.

Botanica Premier is located next to Tan Son Nhat International Airport, adjacent to Gia Dinh Park - the biggest park in the city, owning a private green area of more than 6,000m2. This is a complex project with three 20-storey blocks, including a trade and service area, 97 office-tels and 914 apartments on a total floor area of 124,000 m2.


The project is most featured by the Smart Apartment model with automatic control and remote monitoring security systems available in each apartment. As a result, the owner can manage and adjust the equipment in the house (door system, lights, air conditioners, televisions, etc.) via a Smartphone or tablet with internet connection, and Hawee, as the M&E Contractor, will contribute to provide the residents with such premier facilities.


Perspective of Botanica Premier Project


In this project, Hawee is further trusted by the investor to become the main M&E Contractor supplying and installing most of the items such as Electrodynamic Systems and Extra Low Voltage Systems with apartments (i.e. telephone, data, television, door and phone control systems, public address systems and surveillance camera systems), Water supply & Drainage Systems and HVAC systems.


Like previous projects, scopes of work and construction methods have basically been agreed upon by Hawee and Novaland from the beginning. Hence, Hawee’s biggest challenge this time may lie in the construction progress. The investor had the works handed over with a tight deadline, for which Hawee proposed a plan to mobilize resources from the project commencement to keep pace with the investor’s schedule while ensuring the works quality.


Furthermore, this week, Hawee was selected to execute the Gelexia Riverside project owned by HTL Vietnam Real Estate Business and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of Geleximco Group – one of the big heroes in the field of real estate now in the North.


Gelexia Riverside is a complex of multi-functional areas including luxurious apartments, state-of-the-art garden dwellings and utility facilities. Gelexia Riversideimpresses with its “Green Space” featured by a system of various ecological and colorful tree gardens.


The project consists of 4 towers, two of which, CT2B and CT3 towers, have had the site available for construction already. Hawee will be responsible for the supply and installation of Electrical systems, Extra Low Voltage Systems and Water Supply and Drainage Systems for these two towers. Having worked with Geleximco at An Binh City Project, Hawee clearly understands how to create a quality product that not only fulfills the commitment to the investor but also ensures absolute satisfaction for the future residents of the project.


Perspective of Gelexia Riverside Project

Hawee has kept growing impressively with a series of winning projects since the beginning of the year. Maintaining close co-operation with “familiar” investor is a good sign for Hawee’s mainstream business strategies. In being involved in every project, Hawee has always taken into careful account the project characteristics as well as the reputation of the respective Owner since our own efforts are not enough for the successful project, which requires the best efforts of both contractors and the investor, so that every project performed by Hawee is truly a premier quality project.