Hawee and Site Safety Story


“SAFETY FIRST!, SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY” is the slogan made by Hawee employees on sites every morning. Safety - Quality and Convenience are the values that Hawee desires bringing to its customers and also the prerequisite that Board of Executive attaches importance to building for each employee.


At Hawee, Health, Safe, Security and Environment Department was established in the early days of operation, with more than 20 staffs allocated to projects. Hawee has developed a uniform Safety Process for all ongoing projects, each of which has at least one permanent Site Safety Officer to manage the safety of employees and workers as well as coordinate with partners such as investors, construction supervision consultants and subcontractors, etc. for a safe working environment.


Every morning before work, at the site entrances of projects being performed always crowed with workers in Hawee uniforms to “check in”. To ensure the safety of the smallest details, all have to undergo an entrance check, ensuring that all workers are adequately equipped with labor protective clothing and equipment and entrance cards before entering the work sites.


Safety check for Hawee workers before entering the Site

Farther moving into office area of Project Executive Board as well as at towers under construction, where Hawee employees work every day, there are safety slogans to remind everyone of workplace safety procedures such as strictly comply with warning signs, wear safety belts on sky work, always wear shoes, clothes, helmets and glovers at work, etc.


Fire Protection and Site Safety Rules Signs are posted on every Site of Hawee


Safety Slogan is deployed by Hawee throughout the site


On a weekly basis, safety officers meet workers to exchange and share information on important topics like safety on sky work, electrical safety, open hole and handrail safety and so on. These are always highlighted by safety officers to avoid unnecessary negligence on site. In addition to disseminating the regulation, safety officers at each project attend monthly experience exchange meetings and internal training to improve  quality of occupational safety management.


A Weekly Safety Training Session conducted by Safety Officers

Interestingly, the Hawee Health, Safe, Security and Environment Department has teamed up with QA department to launch “Site Safety Gold Time” competition, which takes place among the sites with results judged based on total Safe hours. The awards vary on a project-by-project basis. Awards are the most practical labor protective equipment for workers such as helmets, cutters, welders, safety shoes, body harnesses, protective masks, chemical safety gloves and many more in the amount of from 8 to 12 million for each project.



Hawee launches the “Site Safety Gold Time”competition


Over a decade has passed since its establishment, Hawee has always acknowledged that human resources are the core strength of an organization; thus, ensuring worker safety on site not only meets the project schedule but also has deep social and humanatic significance in building and maintaining the spirit of Work Safely, Go Home Fun!