Hawee Continues To Be Winning Contractor For 2 Projects Of Anland Complex And Mon Central


It can be said that “living far from the city is a rich life” is a popular trend of the 21st Century Residents. Factors such as “First is near the market, Second is near the river and Third is near the Highway” or living in urban areas is the “standard living” are no longer gold standards when buying a house. Crowed, noisy and dusty conditions and full of dangers of environmental pollution in the inner city have caused people to find housing far from the center but convenient for travel, which has a GREEN living environment in harmony with nature for them to enjoy the fresh, peaceful and smoke free atmosphere with convenient and comfortable utility system.

Despite not being a pioneer project in the GREEN trend, anyone reaching the AnLand Complex project must be surprised by the GREEN design of the four layers: Green Urban – Green Project - Green Apartments - Green Balcony with full system of utilities for daily life. By understanding customers’ needs and wishes, Anland Complex has at first been trusted by customers. With the same enthusiasm as Nam Cuong Group, always acting as the “home builder”, Hawee has always understood and offered the best M&E solutions that bring comfort to end users. Being selected as the M&E contractor for this project further demonstrates firm the firm belief in the Company’s operating criteria: Truly Your Partner.



Perspective of Anland Complex

Electrical, water supply and drainage, fire protection and other systems are all essential to the daily use of residents. Thus, in every project that Hawee acts as an M&E contractor, in addition to Safety, Quality and Convenience have always been the motto toward which every worker on the site performs to make durable and everlasting products. During the whole construction, Hawee has two separate QC and T&C departments that conduct cross-quality control, ensuring each item performed by Hawee is of the optimum quality.


QC officer visits the site every day


In the Anland Complex project, the GREEN factor is always on the forefront of the investor; therefore, a problem for Hawee is to offer an optimal and state-of-the-art solution as well as use environmentally friendly equipment for M&E systems. Careless has always been taken by Hawee to offer solution for each of the smallest details such as fitting faucets with water-saving belts to ensure proper flow of water, avoiding water losses as well as huge water bills for residents.


Located in the most beautiful area of ​​Duong Noi urban area on nearly 200 hectares, which is known as the “golden position” - gateway in the west of the city, Anland Complex Project will be, in the best effort of Haween together with Nam Cuong Group, both a green and peaceful space for each family after tired working hours and a place where children can comprehensively develop their “Personality - Intellectual – Physical Strength”. (http://anland.com.vn/)


Following the Anland Complex project, Hawee Board of Executive has kicked off another project - Mon Central (Hai Dang Tower), which is the next high-end apartment project in the premier project series launched by HD Mon Holdings in Hanoi.


Lying right in the center on Lang Ha Street, very close to major centers such as Embassy of United States, Fortuna Hotel, Hoan Kiem Lake, etc., Mon Central apartment project promises to become one of the hottest projects in the city center.


Similar to other prestigious investors like Tan Hoang Minh, Novaland, TNR Holdings Vietnam and so on, Hawee once again took over Hai Dang’s trust while continuing to receive co-operation in the Mon Central project following the HD Mon City Project. The cooperation with the same investor in many projects is the most concrete and clearest evidence for all efforts of Hawee employees. The professionalism, prestige and product quality are solid foundations for the investor’s absolute trust when awarding key projects to Hawee. This is both opportunity and challenge for Hawee to change to meet increasingly demanding requirements of customers and create convenient and everlasting products.


Perspective of Mon Central Project