Hawee Group Maintains “Technical Innovation Initiatives” Movement


Nearly 1,500 employees of Hawee Group are working hard every day to make the best of their work with the aim of offering customers with perfect refined products and services. Together with the promulgation and strict application of construction method standards, Hawee encourages creativity and technical innovations from direct employees.

The “Technical Innovation Initiatives” movement was launched in March 2016 on a Group-wide scope and received a large response from employees, especially those directly working in the factory or projects. As a desire as well as a requirement, this movement aims to encourage employees to raise their ideas to improve production techniques and construction methods in a not only time and cost saving but also output-efficient manner.


Hawee IDC project engineers

Particularly in 2016, there were more than 153 initiatives from all projects and workshops, 74 of which were approved and applied directly in production and site construction. It is noteworthy that many were contributed by workers who were directly involved in production and offered ideas for properly addressing shortcomings of materials and equipment through their practical knowledge. For highly applicable and effective initiatives, Hawee has an immediate reward policy to recognize and motivate employees’ contributions.


One of the slogans at Hawee Bac Ninh Factory

Following the success of the “Technical Innovation Initiatives 2016”, the year 2017 have observed more approved initiatives, most recently the initiative of Mr. Tran Danh Dung, Electrical Assembly Team Leader at Hawee Bac Ninh Factory, regarding “Limiting MCCB short circuits by adding a shield between MCCB and panel” over the last eight month. It is noted that this is not his first initiative, but from 2016 to now, he has contributed a lot of improvements to the production and installation systems, improving Hawee product quality and work performance. It is his meticulous observation, experience, and skills, together with his love of work that has helped him come up with successful improvement solutions.



Mr. Pham Duc Hoa (right), Director of Hawee Factory awards the certificate to Mr. Tran Danh Dung (left)


Certificate of initiative approved by Chairman Trinh Van Ha

This movement has been paid lots of attention and priorities by the management. As seen from the technical improvement initiatives movement in 2016, 2017 and beyond, Hawee has been creating a dynamic working environment which promotes people’s thinking to contribute to improving production efficiency and work quality, and above all to help employees become more aware of and confident in their roles with the company, in which each is like a piece of puzzle, to make Hawee brand grow every day.