Hawee Group Welcomes the 1000th Member


On June 01, 2017 at the Hawee office, Hawee Group hosted the "Welcome the 1000th Member of the Group” event.

The unceasing growth of Hawee in recent years has led to the increased demand for human resources and the continuous career opportunities and policies to attract talents. From the beginning of 2017 to date, Hawee has welcomed more than 400 people to the Group, bringing the number of employees to 1000 people (excluding workers).

Every week at Hawee there are activities of reception and training for new employees. During this check-in, Human Resources Department designed integration program with following contents:

- Recruitment team welcomes new employees.

- Internal PR presents an overview of the Group.

- C&B team concludes contracts and get fingerprints.

- C&B team introduces & instructs how to use the Human Resource Software at Hawee.

- QA department conducts the training on work procedures and order at Hawee.

An orientation training session for new employees at Hawee


With a vision of becoming an international M&E contractor, in parallel to the financial development, the Group’s human resources structure has kept growing. On June 01, Hawee held a very special event to “Welcome the 1000th member of the Group” with the participation of Chairman of Hawee Group - Mr. Trinh Van Ha, HR Director - Ms. Pham Quynh Diep, HR department and all employees checked in the day.

At the beginning of the program, Mr. Trinh Van Ha made a speech on the process of scale and HR development of the Group. The number of 427 employees hired from the beginning of the year to date has been really impressive. That reflected the leadership’s management view of “always regarding human resources as the core strength of the organization.” In addition, he also extended his deep thanks to the new employees for trusting and choosing Hawee Group to accompany and develop.


Chairman Trinh Van Ha addressed and thanked the employees


In the special part of the program, Chairman Trinh Van Ha handed lucky banner, flower bouquet and gift to Mr. Truong Cong Thuc- 1000th employee of Hawee Group. “I’m really surprised, touched and feel lucky to be the 1000th employee of Hawee Group. Thank the Leadership for such programs to encourage people’s spirit. I will dedicate my best to the development of the Group,” Thuc said.


Chairman Trinh Van Ha congratulated the 1000th member


At the end of the program, the members took photos, congratulated and shared the joy with him. The “Welcome the 1000th Member of the Group” event marked the outstanding step in Hawee Group’s HR development. With attention of the leadership and the good HR policies for employees, it is sure that Hawee Group will be ideal workplace, attracting more new members in the future.

Chairman and HR department took a photo with the 1000th employee