Grasping the trend of the electromechanical market shift in the industrial revolution 4.0, in recent years, electromechanical item has increasingly accounted for a larger proportion in the total investment value of the project along with high requirements in technology and aesthetics, Hawee M&E quickly implements a leapfrog strategy, training and developing human resources in line with the times.

On July 25th, Hawee officially kicked off the technology training program for employees, ready for the strategy of making Hawee a leading technology M&E contractor, providing technology solutions to create advantages for the project, making the difference with the optimal cost, and at the same time shortening the progress to accelerate the project operation time to bring efficiency to the investor.

The kickoff of the Technology Training Program was conducted by leaders in charge of all three aspects of business, engineering, construction of Hawee M&E and the participation of key engineers at the connecting online bridges from North to South with 3 main topics:



The program will be implemented from August 2020 and continuously train new courses to promptly meet the needs of participating in projects with international elements and high technology requirements.


Kickoff Technology Training Program at Hanoi Headquarters


At the Ho Chi Minh City Branch