Hawee M&E Was Commended for Good Compliance with Tax Policies


On August 3, Hawee M &E was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit for its good compliance with tax policies in 2016 from the General Department of Taxation - Hanoi Department of Taxation. Attending the meeting was representatives of the People's Committee of Hanoi City, the General Department of Taxation and more than 400 enterprises and business households in the capital.

2016 was an extremely successful year for Hawee, with the pre-tax revenue of VND 112 billion (being 3.5 times higher than that of 2015), VND 7 billion of which was contributed to the State Budget. Strict compliance with tax obligations has centrally been considered by the Hawee leadership a foundation for building its trustworthiness to the laws as well as creating a sustainable brand in the marketplace.


Hawee’s achievements today result from a long process of construction and implementation. Hawee set up clear and transparent payment and settlement procedures with independent auditors and monthly training seminars for its employees to update the tax policy changes as well as exchange work experience to achieve the highest performance.



Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen – Deputy Director of Hawee M&E received the Certificate of Merit from Hanoi Department of Taxation


In addition to business development, Hawee has always focused on its social responsibility. Hawee has so far offered thousands of jobs in the labor market with high levels of benefits to the employees. Hawee has contributed to improving the quality of young human resources for the country by different ways, including, among others, programs to recruit fresh graduates and to train and improve their professional and technical skills.


 A training session for new Supervisors at Hawee


With a desire to reach the sea boundaries, Hawee is aware of the importance of business culture in which seriously paying taxes is one of the ways for Hawee to show its responsibility for the society. Building a professional system from the beginning not only helps Hawee develop a solid roadmap but also brings sustainable values to the society in which Hawee invests.