Hawee’s Book Corner


From ancient times to date, books have always been a symbol of endless knowledge. They record and preserve the achievements, creations and experience of ancestors for later generations to use. Reading helps to improve vocabulary, enhancing patience, observation and ability to feel life. Yet, in the midst of daily worries and rapid growth of Internet in digital era, many habits have been missed. That is why Hawee came up with the idea to build its own small library where reading culture is maintained and employees could exchange their knowledge and interests or discuss about good books.

The tiny library is quietly located in a small corner of 2nd floor in Hawee M&E Building. Despite its unfavorable location, the library still stands out by its harmonious blue space with some additional bright and youthful white patches and fresh green plants to create an exciting stopover for Hawee members to relieve their souls from stressful working hours.

Book Corner in Hawee office

At this book corner are many books of all genres to choose from those related to Company’s businesses such as Building M&E systems, fire protection, labor safety and so on to socio-economic, politic and English ones and scientific books by the world’s famous scientists. There is also a shelf dedicated to lovers of romantic poems and novels written by youth’s favorite writers like Nguyen Nhat Anh, Vu Trong Phung, etc. Furthermore, the latest magazines on business and real estate market are also updated in a regular, quick and sufficient manner.


Besides those purchased, most of the books here are donated by Company’s employees, just as the saying “Knowledge Worth Sharing”, made more sense by Hawee to create space for its employees to share their knowledge, personal opinions and reading hobby right at workplace.


Enthusiastic lines of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cuong – Manager of Heavy Industry Sales Department  - Hawee PT

It is the outstanding appearance and beautiful colors that attract Hawee ladies as a favorite place to take “check-in” pictures. Lunch time becomes more enjoyable with a cup of aromatic sweet and bitter coffee in reading interesting pages, or chatting after work. Such small corner serves as a connecting place, filled with colleagues’ memories at Hawee “shared home”.

Ladies share interesting books after work.

“Virtual life” wall of Hawee’s book corner.

Operating since March, 2017, Hawee’s Book Corner is now the favorite place of many Hawee employees after hours of stressful work.