June Internal Talk on Implementation Methods


A series of winning projects brings about both opportunities and challenges to contractors in implementing projects. Hawee has always focused on internal training and experience sharing and its employees’ personal capacity building. Thus, Hawee Leadership holds monthly talks on topics between senior officers and departmental employees to report shortcomings in implementation, thereby finding solutions and avoiding reoccurrences later. The June talk was organized for Hawee M&E Bidding Department on Implementation Methods.


June talk on Implementation Methods at Hawee Office


Following up bid contents, implementation methods are always much concerned and important for a project’s success. Hawee has kept an eye on how to make a good product and how to make Hawee different from other contractors. All bid contents must be accurate and true while technical methods must comply with standards and legal assurance. Sufficiency and accuracy are prerequisites in developing implementation methods, regardless of budget or foreign direct investment projects, in which all steps must follow a strict process, with supervisors to ensure thorough compliance with the process.


A specialist of Bidding Department describes how to insert drains.

The June talk only for the Bidding Department took place successfully. As a unit responsible for preparing bids, Hawee’s Bidding Department is specialized by work item. Each team leader takes over a key item and holds internal meeting at least twice a month to exchange expertise and share how to solve difficulties encountered during implementation since internal exchange is essential to build a strong team, a ground for creation of best quality products.