The Water Engineer and her First Project


Having graduated from the 2nd Design Engineer Course held by Hawee Training Center in July 2017, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram was assigned to the Goldmark City project - the largest project Hawee has been done so far.

The young engineer, born in 1994, recently graduated from Water Resources Engineering – Hanoi Water Resources University in January 2017; shortly thereafter, she applied for a job in Hawee with the desire to practice her skills and contribute to the development of a reputable M&E company. According to Tram, from his early days of joining Hawee, she was very surprised and excited by the professionalism of Hawee’s operating system and excellent employee benefits policy. This relieved her from a lot of anxiety when entering the profession and made her more confident in her choice.



Ngoc Tram (middle) in the commencement ceremony of the 2nd Engineer Course

While working with the right discipline, initial difficulties in the transition from knowledge in books to workplace settings are inevitable. “I am lucky to be admitted to the Training Center where I was provided by my teachers with not only technical knowledge but also working skills, which were not taught at my university. Skills are important because apart from the expertise, the skills to work with partners like consultants, executive boards and so one are equally important,” said Tram.


In addition to the theoretical training at the office, Tram was given chances to have field trips to the ongoing Hawee projects. It is true that nothing is more practical than being in practice, seeing what to be finished before being put into operation. This made her aware of the importance of what to work and how her contributions would be reflected in the projects.


After graduation, Tram proposed to work at Goldmark City, a large project of the company at which Hawee is responsible for the full M&E systems ranging from electrical, extra low voltage, water supply and drainage, fire protection and HVAC systems to smart building management systems, etc. so that she can learn more, not only focusing on her expertise but also broadening her knowledge of electromechanics in general.


Living in an engineering environment with a majority of staffs being males, girls like Tram are given many favors and facilitated by the “elder” to complete the job in the best way.



Ngoc Tram (second from left) with the Goldmark City project design team


Tram has been working for Hawee for nearly half a year. Till now, all unfamiliarity and shy have been replaced by the joys of doing her job and being attached to a harmonious and friendly team. Work challenges will be definitely numerous for a young girl like Tram; however, she will have more time to learn and improve her skills instead. Hawee always welcomes enthusiastic members since we strongly believe that above knowledge, the passion is the important piece to complete the key to success.