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Hanoi is the political capital of Vietnam. With the government driving much of the country’s economic activity, job creation, and employment policy, there is no question why Hanoi is growing rapidly. Each year, the city’s population increases by slightly more than one percent, adding nearly 500,000 people who come from rural areas to Hanoi in search of jobs and improved livelihoods (Source). While this migration spurs economic growth and the sharing of ideas, an increasing population also means more crowded and dangerous roads, a bigger drain on valuable living resources like water and electricity, and increased consumption resulting in littered streets, dirty air, and general pollution. Residents living and working in Hanoi seek a sustainable alternative.

In May of 2011, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Firm launched a new project on the outskirts of Hanoi, across the Red River, near a small town called Bat Trang Village. The project was planned to be the first residential community to follow the ecosystem living model, which would give residents access to nature through parks and open living spaces, and access to sustainable living necessities such as transportation, schools, shopping centers, and tourism sites. The project was called Ecopark.

This project would give some Hanoi residents access to highly sought-out clean air, purified water, and good living conditions near Hanoi. To live away from the pollution, however, means to live away from the city; and from the beginning Ecopark faced a challenge to convince residents to occupy an area that was so far away from the center of Hanoi. To overcome this issue Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Firm had to give the people of Hanoi something that they had never seen before.




Urban Commerce and Tourism Van Giang (Ecopark) Van Giang Dist., Hung Yen

Project Service Rating -


Viet Hung urban Development and Investment Jsc

Management consultant

Coteba Vietnam Co., Ltd


Kume Sekkei Design Asia Co., Ltd

Contract value

265,000,000,000 dong


05/2011 - 04/2013


The project challenged the ingenuity of the Hawee research and development team in order to make the systems meet all of the requirements to be sustainable, and because until this point, the company had never designed, produced and installed a complete gas system in a project of this size.

The system would need to be safe, reliable, and sustainable to meet the project’s green requirements. To ensure these things, a specialist was called in to assist with the design and to manage the production and installation of the gas system.

Working with Kume Sekkei Design Consultancy, a Japanese architecture company and inspired by progressive engineering practices from Singapore, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Firm developed a truly innovative design for the project.

Spread over 500 hectares of land, Ecopark would include green-designed residential buildings, high-end schools, shopping centers, and many parks and living spaces. The design was something that had rarely been seen in Hanoi and promptly won several design prizes, including the much coveted Green Structure Project of Vietnam prize in 2012, and the Asia Pacific Real Estate Ward for the Best Complex Project in Vietnam prizes.

With the design in hand, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment began searching for experienced contractors to work on this highly publicized project. The project required contractors who could meet the difficult and strict requirements necessary to meet all of the green and sustainable regulations of the project.
After much deliberation, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment awarded the first stage of the project to Cotecons Building Constructors and Hawee M&E Systems.

Hawee is truly your partner

In March of 2013, with more than 50 engineers and 500 technical employees working full time at the job site, Hawee successfully installed the M&E systems on time. The developer was content, the project finished on time, and residents, retail tenants, and school staff began filling the buildings.

Hawee was contracted to build M&E systems to supply electrical, HVAC, plumbing, ELV, fire protection, and gas systems to three of the five buildings, over 55 hectares, and across seven blocks of land. Hawee began immediately on planning and designing the project according to Kume Sekkei Design Consultancy’s design specifications.

Hawee had completed another project, this time exhibiting their ability to think-outside-of-the-box and meet difficult restrictions enforced by project designs. Hawee will work to meet your restrictions too.
Hawee is truly your partner.