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Hanoi is growing at a steady rate, bringing many new inhabitants to the city each year from rural areas and foreign countries. Constricted by the Red River to the North East, most development has tended to spread South West of Hanoi city proper. Just 15 years ago, these areas were open farm land and ancient villages alive with activity focused on daily subsistence. Now, these areas are bustling regions of economic activity, filled with residential and retail developments, and factories.

This growth has especially been seen in My Dinh, about 10 minutes East of Central Hanoi, which in many ways has become the new financial district of Hanoi. Bigger and taller buildings reach into the sky, and the sound of construction fills the air as the area is steadily developed through projects that push the limits of developers’ imagination. With so much new activity, it takes a special project to stand out, a project like Goldmark City.





136 Ho Tung Mau, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

Project Service Rating -


Vietnam Investment Development Group - VID Group

Management consultant

Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction technology and Equipment - Coninco


Line Architects & Engineers Co.Ltd (Korea)

Contract value

60,000,000 USD


11/2014 - 12/2015

With nine buildings towering at 40 levels each, and built with a total floor area of 1,000,000 square meters, this project is truly spectacular.
As one of the premier projects in Hanoi, as one of the most expensive M&E developments in the country, Goldmark City has quickly become the most impressive high-end residential and shopping experience in Hanoi.

the most expensive M&E project in Vietnam

The Goldmark City project began in late 2014, financed and developed by VID Group. Because it was designed as one of the largest developments in Hanoi, its M&E systems needed to be fittingly massive. The system, valued at more than 60 million USD, 48 million USD more than the second most expensive M&E system, made the project the most expensive M&E undertaking in Vietnam.
Due to the scale and value of the M&E system, in early 2015, the developer split the project into two stages and sought three separate M&E contractors to provide systems for the first stage. M&E contractors overwhelmingly responded with bids, however, the developer needed contractors that had experience with projects that were similar to the Goldmark City project. After receiving a bid from Hawee, VID Group visited Hawee’s past projects, toured its factory, and learned about how the contractor does M&E systems as one unit. VID Group was convinced that Hawee could fully provide the M&E system required by the Goldmark City project, and went a step further; instead of choosing Hawee to be one of three M&E suppliers, the VID Group awarded Hawee to supply M&E systems for all of the buildings for stage one. Hawee began immediately to plan and design the comprehensive M&E systems for stage one: four buildings, 2,300 apartments, and valued at 25 million USD.

The project pushed Hawee’s capacity.

Hawee pulled together a team of more than 100 engineers and over 1,000 technical workers to produce and install the M&E systems.

In fact, the whole Hawee team worked on the project, Mr. Ha, the CEO of Hawee, spent three months at the job site to support the project manager to achieve success with the project.
Hawee is planning to complete stage one of the Goldmark City project in December, 2016. Hawee hopes to complete the project early to allow VID Group to additional time to sure up other aspects of the project, and ensure that the project will complete on time to meet the needs of the end-users.

Hawee plans to work with VID Group in the future.