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In West Hanoi, near Hoa Binh Park and the Ministry of Public Security is 95 hectares of land currently being developed into one of the most impressive green-living projects in Northern Vietnam. The project is called Thanh Pho Giao Luu, which translated into English means The Exchange City Urban Area.

As a project by Geleximco, a major Vietnamese construction developer, the residential and commercial project is an outstanding example of the construction industry’s trend towards energy efficient projects that offer clean, safe amenities to high-end users. With tall residential buildings, villas, shopping centers, parking constructs, community parks, and a giant lake, this project rightly caught the attention of some of the most elite residents of Hanoi when the project was proposed in mid 2014, and the demand for the project to meet their high expectations is immense. Clearly, The Exchange City Urban Area project is an ambitious one.

An outstanding example of the construction industry’s trend towards energy efficient projects

From the beginning, Geleximco separated the construction of the project into two stages. The first stage contained many projects, including the five residential towers of the Green Stars project. This project containing more than 2,000 apartments, a Vincom Mart shopping center, and an underground parking structure over seven blocks (34,636 meters-squared) of real estate.

In November, 2014, Geleximco put the project out to bid, searching for experienced contractors who could make its project meet the top-quality expectations of the project’s end-users. Three construction contractors were selected first: Vinaconex 9, Xuan Mai, and Lac Hong JSC. Soon after the project was awarded, those constructors began to erect Green Stars’ five buildings and the search for an experienced and reliable M&E contractor began. With many M&E contractors submitting prospective designs and quotes, the competition was fierce.



Green Stars


234 Pham Van Dong Str., Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi

Project Service Rating -


An Binh Star., Jsc


Xuan Mai Consultant Design Jsc

Supervision consultant

Consultant and Inspection Jsc of Construction Technology and Equipment - CONINCO

Contract value

209,684,309,000 dong


12/2014 - 12/2015

Hawee was the most experienced contractor bidding on the project.

After three months of meetings between Hawee and Geleximco, visits to the Hawee factory, and tours of past Hawee projects, Geleximco was convinced that Hawee was the M&E contractor for the job. Hawee was awarded the contract to provide M&E systems for the Green Stars project in December, 2014. Hawee would supply the electrical, ELV, plumbing, and air conditioning systems for the Green Stars stage of the project.

Hawee finished installation a full three months ahead of schedule

Work commenced immediately to plan, design, produce, and install the M&E system for the Green Stars project.

Hawee plans to finish the installation of its systems in December, 2015, a full three months ahead of schedule. Geleximco is happy with the quality of the installation thus far, and has been especially excited about the potential for an early completion date, which will allow Geleximco to begin selling apartments in the Green Stars’ buildings. The Ministry of Public Security has already purchased more than 380 apartments for its officers.

Geleximco is currently preparing stage two of The Exchange City Urban Area Project, and the project will be released for bid in early 2016. Hawee looks forward to continuing to work with Geleximco on this project, and supply the large-scale M&E systems that this project requires.

With over 60 engineers and 600 technical workers at the construction site, Hawee provided a top-notch M&E system for Geleximco’s project.