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The years 2011 to 2013 were tough years for the construction industry; a massive economic downturn caused investors to slow, delay, or even cancel construction projects, as the cost of capital had risen from 21% to a whopping 25%. Investors had trouble accessing the capital necessary to progress new construction projects.

Despite those drab economic conditions, Hoa Phat Group launched a new project to construct a residential complex of 1,000 luxury apartments over four buildings, on nine blocks of land. With apartments ranging from 126 square-meters to 300 square-meters, and outfitted with the finest materials, the apartments were designed to house members of Vietnam’s elite.


The project also included retail space and two underground levels of car park. In all, the project spread over a total floor space of 230,000 square meters, truly a remarkable residential building, especially as one built during the recession.



Mandarin Garden


N03, Urban Southeast Tran Huy Hung, Hoang Minh Giam, Hanoi

Project Service Rating -


Vietnam Golden Gain Jsc (Hoa Phat Group)

Management consultant

IBST Investment and Construction Technology Jsc


Scott Wilson Company

Contract value

243,599,556,000 VND


9/2012 – 9/2013

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The clear solution for the project

Hoa Phat Group opted to conduct the construction in stages beginning with the structural elements first in preparation to sell some units to fund the second stage: M&E system development and installation. The project went to bid for construction contractors, and the response was overwhelming.

The hardships of the downturned economy were felt hardest by the contractors. Contractors were seeking project opportunities across Vietnam, and the competition was getting fierce. Contractors from all over Vietnam responded to Hoa Phat Group’s request for bids, offering low-priced, innovative solutions. Two construction contractors were hired to complete two buildings each as fast as each could to begin selling units in preparation for M&E installation. Once the four buildings were complete, Hoa Phat Group began searching for an experienced M&E contractor who could provide the highest quality M&E system at the best value and in the fastest time. After reviewing some options, the company became interested in Hawee as the preferred option.

Having just completed MIPEC tower and the bulk of the Ecopark project, Hawee showed Hoa Phat Group that the contractor had the experience and expertise necessary to work on the Mandarin Garden project.

Hawee was the clear solution-provider for the project, and was awarded the largest contract in Vietnam at that time, valued at 12 million USD, to supply electrical, plumbing, water treatment and fire protection to all four buildings.

The pressure was on, Hawee was tasked to develop a system that maximized quality, minimized cost, and would be delivered according to a very tight construction schedule.

Hawee got to work, and its research and development engineers developed a design that fit Mandarin Gardens’ M&E systems needs. Once the designs were totally finished, Hawee began production and installation.

Hawee organized

45 engineers and 600 technical workers in under two months, and began installation of the M&E systems soon after.


Working closely with Hoa Phat Group, and producing all system equipment in Hawee’s factory to control and ensure high quality, Hawee provided the perfect M&E system for the Mandarin Garden project within 11 months, one full month before deadline. This allowed Hoa Phat to finish the project on deadline and open the building to end users on schedule.

Hawee continues to work with Hoa Phat Group on new projects, and performs regular M&E system servicing on the Mandarin Garden project to ensure that its M&E systems operate efficiently.

Hawee is able to provide the best M&E system solutions against the toughest constraints.