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As the “E” in M&E (Mechanical and Electrical), the electrical system is a key aspect of what we offer. Electrical systems are an absolutely indispensable element of every construction project, preparing buildings for use by factories, businesses, and families.

The electrical system supports all other M&E systems. It powers elevators to transport people, controls HVAC equipment to regulate temperature, detects fire danger, and allows for internal and external communication.

The lighting control system is a part of the electrical system that Hawee provides. Our lighting control systems utilize the latest technologies to maximize energy savings, satisfy building codes, and comply with green building standards, and serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed.

Another important system that we also provides for some projects is the lightning protection systems. These systems intercept sudden surges of electricity to buildings by safely delivering the current to the ground using a network of lightning rods, air terminals, bonding conductors, ground electrodes, and other equipment. This system mitigates the risk of fire hazard, compromises to the structural materials, and damages to important electrical equipment.

We at Hawee provide all components necessary for a fully-functioning electrical system, including backup power generation equipment and surge protection capabilities.


This important system supplies water throughout a building, drains rain run-off, evacuates and treats wastewater, and ventilates the pipes and system equipment. The plumbing system also supports the fire protection system by supplying water to its sprinkler network.

However, managing one of the key necessities of life, water, can be a daunting task. Every project needs it, but a poorly designed and installed plumbing system can wreak havoc on the building’s structure resulting in flooding, disgusting smells, and unsanitary conditions.

The system requires a contractor with experience. Luckily, plumbing systems are our specialty. The first system that we produced and installed was a plumbing system, and we’ve installed many more since then.


The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a major element of all construction projects, especially residential and industrial projects. The system provides both comfort and protection to end-users.

The HVAC system monitors internal air quality and temperature, and injects clean heated or cooled air to regulate a building’s air temperature, making the building comfortable for all who are inside.

The HVAC system also supports the fire protection system by controlling stairwell pressure, eliminating smoke, and ventilating corridors and basements.


Building Management Systems (BMS) allow M&E systems to be controlled from a central point.

Building managers are able to actively monitor and control the systems to ensure they are working efficiently, and correctly. The BMS also allows building managers to ensure the backup power generation, fire protection, and plumbing systems engage in time to prevent emergencies.


As technology advances, so must the buildings that contain the businesses, government offices, hospitals, and other amenities that use those technologies.

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems are composed of wiring and equipment used to facilitate for the spread of information both internally through intranets, CCTV, smart-technologies, and internal-telephone networks, and externally through the internet.

We are able to provide the perfect system for your project.


Inside nearly every project constructed within the last 20 years is a system of sprinklers, pipes, pumping equipment, and alarms that quietly monitor a building’s internal atmosphere for smoke, heat and pressure caused by a fire.

Once a fire is detected, the system alerts the authorities and sprays water over the area in an attempt to save lives, the building, and the assets inside.

We provide fully functioning fire protection systems that ensure your projects stay safe and meet all legal requirements.


Gas systems are comprised of complex networks of pipes, pumps, and other equipment that safely transport gas throughout a building. Often installed in chemical processing plants, restaurants, and residential buildings, most gas systems are used to heat chemicals or food.

Advances to this technology have developed safer and more environmentally friendly methods to heat these materials.

Whether your project requires a gas system or an alternative, we are able to fully design, produce, and install a system that works for your application.


All around the world, cities are growing, and becoming more populated. Land is quickly becoming a scarce commodity, and construction developers must plan new projects to be tall, taking advantage of vertical space. Elevators and escalators are a required element for these projects.

Our systems make vertical transportation possible.